Welcome to my blog!

Why am I writing a blog about walking the SWCP as this seems to be a very popular trend at the moment? I don’t at all fancy doing something “trendy” or what many other people do (like I never fancied reading a book everybody seemed to read. Same with songs, films, clothing or drinks… Well, maybe everybody needs a lifelong quirk…).

Yet, I decided to write a blog before I found out how popular it is and I think it also will be a lovely diary for myself later on. Moreover, even if there might not be many novelties left about the actual path, writing regular reports can put those minds at ease who fear that every day I could fall down a cliff or break a leg and lie in the mud, waiting to become a bog woman (Moorleiche) because nobody will ever spot and rescue me. 😉

All jokes aside! My dear friends,  I really appreciate your concern and I am grateful that I have friends who care about me!!!

So this blog is for all of you who patiently have listened to my enthusiastic ideas, contributed to my planning or walked some training miles with me.

Thanks a lot and follow me if you’re curious how I get on this time!






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